Autumn Leaf

Fixing and playing around with things while I am trying to grasp the concept of photon mapping and the k-d tree data structure. I will try to get a working implementation by the end of next week since I have to hand in the fourth progress report.

Below is an autumn leaf that is starting to decay. The textures are by Wojciech Piwowarczyk from his autumn leaves texture pack which sadly does not contain any glossy maps. Unfortunately, he has removed his photo-scanned leaves asset which do contain the geometry for the leaves and all the associated maps.

click the image for full size since wordpress compresses the images.

Render with diffuse, normal, opacity and translucency map
Render showing translucency
Render of just the normal Map
3dsmax viewport; each plane has been successively scaled by 10% and spaced 10cm apart
An early test of translucency; the front face is white and the back is green

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